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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
I'm an overfed, long-haired, leaping gnome. And this is a scuba diver's accounts of adventures in the Great Lakes region. History, archeology, and hands-on discovery in the murky waters of North America.

It is impossible to recount the European expansion across the North American continent without including a chapter about the Great Lakes. The quest for the elusive Northwest Passage begins the story of the Lakes in 1534 with the discovery of the St. Lawrence River by Jacques Cartier; and their importance continues to this day. The Lakes are routes of passage, sources of renewable resources, home, and a living for millions of people. But below the icy waves, lay an estimated 10,000 shipwrecks; the relics of an era of expansion, war, and commerce. The first known European sailing vessel lost in the Lakes was La Salle'sGriffon in 1679; it was also the first to sail the "upper" lakes, from Niagra to Lake Michigan. The Lakes still claim vessels today, even with the advancements in navigation, weather forecasting, and search and recovery.

I dive. As much as I can. Cold, deep, and dark, to visit the old bones of the Midwest and touch the history of the Great Lakes. The old ships still have a power, even in death. The majesty of their existence is not diminished by their quiet rest in lonely graves. I'm a PADI SCUBA instructor, an experienced technical diver, and a research diver - avocationally, of course (diving doesn't pay unless you wear a hardhat when you do it). I spend most of my time working the day job (microbiologist, molecular technologist) and dreaming of diving. When I can, I volunteer for underwater archeology gigs and get to explore some of the most fascinating components of American history. My goal, as a diver and avocational archaeologist, is to help to document these non-renewable resources for future generations. Come and visit them with me. Live the ghost stories.

This journal is *mostly* Friends-only, because it is mostly for my personal scribbles, not necessarily dealing with diving. Most of what's in here is just the goings-on in my life, observations, silly little quizzes, and the communication these entries elicit from my friends and family. I'm trying to get my diving notes into an electronic format, so I'll post those as public whenever I can.

Thanks for visiting! Peace.
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